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Dekker Biotech specializes in bioremediation methods that offer our clients alternative and sustainable liquid waste management and soil pollution solutions.

Engineered efforts aimed at long term anti-waste, cost-efficient, pathogen-free resource recovery

If we only achieved the elimination of industrial environmental pollution we have fulfilled the obvious, while it is still with the old mindset of 'take, create, dispose of', the only difference is you discard more responsibly. Yet there is more to liquid waste management than meets the eye. Embracing the repurposing of soil- and liquid waste will cause a sustainable momentum for your company and all role players. Within this context, our engineered efforts to stop water pollution and control its devastating consequences on soil are aimed at long term anti-waste, cost-efficient, pathogen-free resource recovery that complies with the DWS and DEFF.
(DWS - Department of Water and Sanitation (Old name: DWA | DEFF - Department of Environment, Forestry, and Fisheries)


Allow us to transform your company into a contributor in the global move to a more efficient waste economy and thereby help to future proof your company!

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DEKKER BIO THINKING understands that liquid waste and polluted soil are not waste but a resource. It sees the need to change the linear dead-end ‘dispose of waste’-economy to the circular economy of contaminated water and soil recovery wherever we get a chance to apply industrial environmental pollution control. It also applies the principle that micro-organisms are the most effective, cost-efficient method of degrading waste products in the environment without costly chemicals or infrastructure.

'CIRCULARITY’ aims to do away with waste while recovering resources for its continual use. At its very core, it encourages the use of eco friendly and regenerative methods with the result of a ‘take, create and reuse’-model of production. READ MORE... - Core Concepts of waste management.
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DEKKER BIO ECO is applying bioremediation principles to craft biological product solutions for re-sourcing, reclaiming and reusing our precious liquid waste and polluted soil. View our Biological Products.
Biological Products


Bioremediation is the engineered application of biological ‘agents’ (including bacteria, algae, fungi, etc.) to degrade a material.

PRINCIPLES: It uses the principles of nature’s biodegradation process and therefore with less disruption of the contaminated environment when compared to other clean up methods. In other words, by using bioremediation methods for liquid waste management and soil pollution control, we use the Earth’s own ‘wisdom’ to conserve it but with the application of environmental-friendly ‘optimized circumstances’, resulting in much quicker results.

With the frequency and complexity of today’s industrial waste streams, Bioremediation’s intelligent biodegradation formulas are critical. The good news is that it cost less compared to other clean up methods, while it also complies with the Department of Water and Sanitation' (DWS) regulations.
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DEKKER BIO CUSTIOM employs specialist water treatment expertise to design site-specific sustainable liquid waste management systems. See how our industrial waste water recycling and treatment can put your company on the next level.
Waste water recycling plants
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DEKKER BIO HEALTH is passionate about healthy solutions that spark long term growth. In the industrial environmental pollution control field, it means that we want to offer solutions that can help to future proof your company, and, by positively contributing to the future of industrial pollution we hope to do our part in protecting the planet. Comply with SA's green legislations (DEFF / DWAF) while saving on water costs. Enter the circular economy, benefit from your "corporate social responsibility"-count (CSR) and generate returns.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become so important, companies cannot afford to ignore it anymore. Furthermore, environmental protection is one of the key drivers pushing businesses globally towards CSR. READ MORE... - Core Concepts of waste management


On the international front, anti-ecological behavior is strongly discouraged and South Africa’s legislative climate is transforming to embrace the global move towards a decarbonized economy. The year 2019 marked this shift firstly with the implementation of carbon taxes and secondly, the massive shift in South Africa's waste legislation that forbids liquid waste from landfill. READ MORE... - Core Concepts of waste management.

SMART liquid waste plants

Site-specific intervention

The custom design and implementation of sustainable liquid waste management systems are our core business and bioremediation methods are applied through NEW-GENERATION WASTE WATER PONDING systems.


Effluent treatment has been among the many projects on our portfolio, but our focus has always been food, wine and abattoir plants in South Africa.


Design and implementation include the whole spectrum of services, from independent consulting and research to delivery and monitoring. Our proven track record in delivering innovative compact and algal integrated high rate systems is testament to our ability to tackle liquid waste challenges and deliver impactful solutions.

Industrial waste water recycling treatment


Consider us a business partner that offers our expertise with the backing of a research facility and the result of reducing cost and risk, as well as keeping your plant operating optimally.
Waste water recycling and treatment plants
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