BIOREMEDIATION:  bioaugmentation and bio enzymes for wastewater treatment.
Advanced hydroponicsAnoxic tank & settling pondsBiofilters - biofilmsSewage treatment (also mini & mobile) • Micro-organisms in WWT • Nutrient balancing in WWT • Bioreactors The Eco-active range of biological products for wastewater treatment by water treatment company, Dekker Biotech, South Africa.

Waste beneficiation is business opportunities. The use of wastewater treatment byproducts is waste into value. Dekker Biotech, South Africa.EXTRA:  Business opportunities through waste beneficiation

(terms:  'waste-to-value', byproducts, spirulina cultivation...)

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We've been Analyzing, Designing, and Monitoring Water Treatment Plants in South Africa for 20 years.

Dekker Biotech is a Water Treatment Company that offers sustainable wastewater treatment services that embraces the whole spectrum of water treatment from site analyzing, conceptual plant design, implementation in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team to monitoring and maintenance.

Wastewater treatment for fruit canning, vegetable canning and food companies, dairy farms, wineries, brewing and distilleries, abattoirs and chicken farms, tanneries, pharmaceutical companies, community sewage, pulp and paper industry and mines.  This includes hydrocarbon wastewater treatment.

Dekker Biotech South Africa are able to do winery wastewater treatment, abattoir  wastewater treatment, chicken farm  wastewater treatment, pulp and paper  wastewater treatment, hydrocarbon  wastewater treatment, , pharmaceutical  wastewater treatment, tannery  wastewater treatment, wastewater treatment for mines,  wastewater treatment for food factories, dairy  wastewater treatment.

Wastewater treatment using bioremediation methodology (We also emply Bardenpho principles) 

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Activated sludge treatment biological products - Eco-Active Biotrap and Biotabs. Dekker Biotrech, South Africa

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Eco-Active FORCE industrial laundry detergent by waste water treatment company, Dekker Biotech, South Africa

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