Biotech Wastewater Solutions

The high load of pollutants in various types of wastewater has in the past led to the discharge of partially treated or untreated wastewater which in turn caused serious environmental and public health problems.

Our biotech wastewater solutions depend mainly on Natural Technology in that it is using microorganisms or their enzymes to convert the polluted environment into its original condition. This technology is relatively low-cost, uncomplicated, requires low-technology techniques, and uses non-pathogenic microorganisms which have high public acceptance. Microorganisms used during the bioremediation process may be indigenous to the contaminated area or they may be isolated from different sources and brought to the contaminated site.

Bio Digestion: Floating Fat Layers

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‘Before’ and ‘After’ Slow-degrading FOG-sludge (Fat, Oil, Grease) Treatment.
AN EXAMPLE where this revolutionary Enzyme-Bacterial Treatment has been used: Abattoir Wastewater. Treating 2000 cubic metres of Floating Fat Layers in raw abattoir wastewater with Dekker Biotech Microbial Products.
>>> The article shows the initial downstream pond of a Poultry Farm Factory and the same pond after pre-treatment.… Read More

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