Waste water recycling and treatment with new-generation ponding

An eco friendly holistic approach

Bioengineering that follows a holistic approach to waste water treatment, embraces water recycling and turn 'waste to value'.  We design and implement both compact and algal integrated high rate systems

Waste Water Ponding Systems

Industrial waste water recycling and treatment systems.  Designing and implementation by Dekker Biotech, George, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, George, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Western Cape, South Africa


Advanced ponding systems are ideal for treating organic waste water streams emanating from food processing industries such as:

Advanced ponding systems are ideal for treating organic waste water streams emanating from food processing industries such as:

  • Wineries, Distilleries & Breweries
  • Food Canning factories
  • Abattoirs (red meat and white meat slaughterhouses)
  • Piggeries
  • Dairies and Cheese Factories
  • Other Food Factories not included above
  • Pharmaceutical companies

Other industries that will also benefit from our sustainable waste water recycling and treatment are:

  • Tanning industry
  • Municipal sewage
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Mines

Resource recovery

Advanced ponding is a shift away from the traditional anti-ecological industrial waste water treatment with its reinforced concrete and/or steel structures, motorized pumps, and mechanical aeration, to new-generation water RESOURCE RECOVERY systems.

This implies that Dekker Biotech not only offer sustainable waste water treatment but also independant guidance and implementation of water recycling and reuse. This is great news in the light of the fact that sustainable waste water recycling and treatment is a critical component in the national and global urgency for a circular green economy instead of the current prevalent linear and dead-end waste economy.

CONSTANTLY identifying opportunities for reuse and recovery while ELIMINATING primary and secondary pollutants

Industrial waste water recycling and treatment prosesses - Dekker Biotech, George, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, George, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Western Cape, South Africa


When properly designed, your advanced ponding system is not only economical and effective but is also attractive and nuisance free!
waste water recycling pond


Less intensive mechanical incorporation. Lower frequency maintenance.


Lower operational costs. Save on municipal costs. Generate extra income...
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Less complex operation, less labour intensive.

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Great aesthetic appeal that can boost your industrial plant's marketability!

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Targeted bioremediation for waste water recycling and treatment. Dekker Biotech, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, George, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Western Cape, South Africa
Prevent random testing of commercial products. TARGETED BIOREMEDIATION is the quickest route to successful waste water treatment.


Customized advanced ponding PLUS site specific product formulations. The RATIONALE behind this :: OPEN



A Wastewater Solution – Tomato Processing as published in the October 2008 edition of Water & Sanitation Africa (the official magazine of the Water Institute of Southern Africa). READ ARTICLE   |  VIEW MAGAZINE ABSTRACT

Wetlands turn wastewater into an asset as published in the 7 September 2012 edition of Farmer’s Weekly magazine distributed within South Africa. READ ARTICLE

Vleilande suiwer wynkelder se water as published in the May 2014 edition of Landbou Weekblad magazine. READ ARTICLE   |  VIEW MAGAZINE ABSTRACT

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TAILORED PONDS tracks down challenges from the start

The final phase of biological treatment often involves the polishing of the water to clarify the water prior to final discharge. For ponding systems we have implemented basically two technologies for this final phase, a constructed Wetland or a pond with a floating cover. The floating cover firstly prevents the intrusion of sunlight otherwise unwanted algae will grow in the water and secondly, it prevents wind-induced turbulence of the water to provide a non-turbulent zone that allows natural clarification from suspended solids. This is an example of where we alter the design of a system according to local climatic conditions.
Vertical plastic curtains can be used as wall dividers. This is an example of where we save costs and space by substituting earth walls.

Waste beneficiation is business opportunities. The use of wastewater treatment byproducts is waste into value. Dekker Biotech, South Africa.

sustainable BUSINESS

We are not interested in your water quality alone, but your water value after waste water treatment has taken place.  Furthermore, the longterm 'waste into value'-objectives ('waste beneficiation') is a determining factor in the design and implementation of the waste water recycling treatment system in any given plant we service. 


Dekker Biotech does empower clients that have the objectives, to put their waste into value and reap financial and/or saving benefits from it.  Book an email/telephonic consultation

Levels of sustainable intervention can incorporate waste beneficiation:  it depends on your objectives

Special Offer circle arrow levels of sustainable intervention circle arrow example:
circle arrow level 1:

• water reuse
level 2:

• algal biomass
circle arrow example:
Spirulina &
In high demand
for specialized
feed market.

Therefor, irrespective of the advanced ponding method we use, treating liquid waste streams with our waste water recycling methods will drive your company towards a rewarding sustainable business identity.  Learn more at our Core Concepts of Waste management