Eco-active Biotrap

Microbial enzyme bio block

Revolutionary treatment of grease traps, septic tanks, and sewage treatment systems

Eco-active Biotrap is a revolutionary time-released microbial enzyme bio block that provides increased levels of beneficial bacteria and enzymes to keep sewage treatment systems and septic tanks biologically active, or grease traps clear and odour free.

Most competing products provide only micro-organisms or enzymes.  Eco-active Biotrap is unique because it is a standardised combination product that initiates the immediate digestive breakdown of waste products (i.e. fat solids, protein, and starch).

See it as a FOG (fats, oils, grease) sludge ‘degreaser’ on an industrial level and a septic tank, sewer drain cleaner on a domestic level.


This new-generation bio block does not require liquid pails, plumbing modifications or expensive metering pumps. Application is therefore only once a month!

Current technology requires that liquid pails of bacteria-enzyme formulations be systematically metered into wastewater-sumps or grease-traps at night to avoid interaction with harsh cleaning chemicals during business hours.  Eco-active Biotrap eliminates the messy liquids, plumbing modifications and daily addition that increases problems with proper wastewater and sanitary grease-trap maintenance.

Features and Benefits


1.  Only once per month application needed
Cultures work with or without oxygen
1.  No metering pumps, pails to dispose of, messy plumbing or
electrical connections to install
2.  It contains 80 times the Bacteria/Enzyme level seen in
liquid products and 8 times the level in some Brick

2.  Reduces cost while providing improved results with
additional enzymes not found in most biological liquid or
brick products
2.1  Four billion cfu/g of a 5 strain beneficial Bacillus
3.  All Green Components – Good for the environment
2.2  Additionally standardized with
> Bacterial Protease 7450 PC/gm
> Bacterial Amylase 685 BAU/gm
> Lipase 200 LU/gm
> Cellulase 3000 CU/gm
4.  Small footprint makes storage of spares a snap
3.  Performance Properties:
> Effective pH range 5.0 – 9.5
>Temperature range – 45-120°F/5 – 50°C
5.  Reduces unpleasant odours often present in sumps,
grease-traps and wastewater systems
4.  Minimum 2 year shelf life 6.  Enhances liquid composting and control odours at
wastewater irrigation pastures
5.  Proprietary Organic Odour-control 7.  Does not harm plumbing or pipes. Safe to handle

Sizes and Packaging

All bio blocks are individually wrapped.

  • 230-gram block (12/case) – ideal for septic tanks and industrial grease traps
  • 13-kg block on a rope (1/box) – ideal for industrial/municipal wastewater plants

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