Water Treatment Assistance

Dekker Biotech was founded by the South African Water Treatment Specialist, Dr Len Dekker.  Some of the wetland based water treatment systems implemented under his consultancy received recognition in well-known periodic publications in the field, such as Farmer's Weekly, Landbou Weekblad and Water & Sanitation Africa.

The fact is wetlands can turn your wastewater into an asset!

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A Wastewater Solution – Tomato Processing as published in the October 2008 edition of Water & Sanitation Africa (the official magazine of the Water Institute of Southern Africa). READ ARTICLE   |  VIEW MAGAZINE ABSTRACT

Wetlands turn wastewater into an asset as published in the 7 September 2012 edition of Farmer’s Weekly magazine distributed within South Africa. READ ARTICLE

Vleilande suiwer wynkelder se water as published in the May 2014 edition of Landbou Weekblad magazine. READ ARTICLE   |  VIEW MAGAZINE ABSTRACT


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The engineered application of the earth's own biological 'agents' can turn your waste streams into value...

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