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Fruit Processing Wastewater Treatment


Wastewater coming from fruit processing and fruit canning contains seasonal- and acidic properties that demand specialized treatment in order to comply with DWS* standards and recycle it for water reuse.

In order to accommodate the seasonal characteristics of the fruit processing wastewater, we utilise passive ponding systems with internal circulation to enhance the buffering capacity of the treatment system.  Furthermore, with efficient organic- and mineral ‘clean up’ needed the ponding system has been designed to promote the growth of micro-algae which assist in neutralising the acidic properties of the wastewater.  LEARN MORE – utilizing algal growth systems.

*DWS – Department of Water and Sanitation

Waste recovery into biomass

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Microbial biomass: linking VALUE RECOVERY to wastewater treatment
Not only are water reuse, nutrients utilisation and energy reduction maximised via natural symbiosis found in the Biological Wastewater System like the AIPS (Algal Integrated Ponding System), but microbial biomass is additionally cultivated within the WWT plant’s ponding system. The type of microbial biomass that is cultivated depends on the specific industrial wastewater under treatment.
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