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Agriculture and Wastewater


Despite its apparent high level of usage, the value of wastewater as a potential resource is often underestimated. If managed properly and guidelines for utilization are adhered to, instead of being a source of problems, well-managed wastewater can provide beneficial effects.


Example:  Fertilizer

Biological wastewater treatment can be designed to also unlock complex compounds in the wastewater into biologically available nutrients suitable for beneficial reuse as fertilizer. During wastewater treatment, we cultivate beneficial micro-organisms that firstly digest the pollutants and secondly enhance crop health during irrigation.  These organisms are beneficial for root development while being antagonistic towards pathogenic soil organisms.

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Research supports wetlands as “natural infrastructure” and the best protection against agricultural runoff.


The potential of wetlands in nature-based solutions for farms is another avenue not explored much.  Water treatment, water reuse, and waste beneficiation are specialized fields and can be addressed under the guidance of our consultancy.

Waste recovery into biomass

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Microbial biomass: linking VALUE RECOVERY to wastewater treatment
Not only are water reuse, nutrients utilisation and energy reduction maximised via natural symbiosis found in the Biological Wastewater System like the AIPS (Algal Integrated Ponding System), but microbial biomass is additionally cultivated within the WWT plant’s ponding system. The type of microbial biomass that is cultivated depends on the specific industrial wastewater under treatment.
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Constructed Wetlands Purify Wine Cellar’s Wastewater
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WINERY WASTEWATER OF PROMINENT SA CELLAR – The Wastewater Bioremediation Plant improves this farm’s efforts towards Sustainable Production.
Constructed wetlands with enzymes and bacteria in a joint operation with a Compact Bioreactor purifies all this wine producer’s wastewater while saving through water … Read More


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