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Abattoir Wastewater Treatment


Animal fats are toxic to most treatment systems and can result in serious odour problems and clogging of reticulation equipment. We design Compact Ponding Systems that allow the in-situ digestion of these fats and work towards sustainable abattoir wastewater treatment with water reuse as one of the objectives.

‘Desludging’ prepares the wastewater to be recycled

Dekker Biotech’s revolutionary enzyme-degrading products are used during the initial stages of wastewater treatment to prepare and ‘desludge’ the liquid waste for further treatment.  LEARN MORE…

Waste recovery into biomass

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Microbial biomass: linking VALUE RECOVERY to wastewater treatment
Not only are water reuse, nutrients utilisation and energy reduction maximised via natural symbiosis found in the Biological Wastewater System like the AIPS (Algal Integrated Ponding System), but microbial biomass is additionally cultivated within the WWT plant’s ponding system. The type of microbial biomass that is cultivated depends on the specific industrial wastewater under treatment.
>>> The article shows different examples of waste recovery into biomass.… Read More

Comprehensive Abattoir Effluent Plant
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EFFECTIVE – Water reuse: With a system like this the chemical oxygen demand (COD – which reflects the degree of organic matter pollution in water), is greatly reduced from for example 4 000mg/ℓ in raw wastewater down to less than about 75mg/ℓ in the final stabilisation pond outflow… Read More

Bio Digestion: Floating Fat Layers
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‘Before’ and ‘After’ Slow-degrading FOG-sludge (Fat, Oil, Grease) Treatment.
AN EXAMPLE where this revolutionary Enzyme-Bacterial Treatment has been used: Abattoir Wastewater. Treating 2000 cubic metres of Floating Fat Layers in raw abattoir wastewater with Dekker Biotech Microbial Products.
>>> The article shows the initial downstream pond of a Poultry Farm Factory and the same pond after pre-treatment.… Read More


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