Image of the enzymatic action of Eco-active Biosoil's biodegradation of oil pollutants. Dekker Biotech, South Africa
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Initiate soil detoxification with our in-house patented technology, Eco-active Biosoil.  It combats chemical pollution emanating from industrial, military and farming activities.

Bioremediation is an alternative approach where a biological organism is used for converting chemical pollutants (such as diesel, creosote and pesticides) to less toxic or non-toxic compounds. Biodegradation of chemical pollutants often depends on indigenous and/or augmented micro-organisms (such as bacteria and fungi) to utilise the organo-pollutants as a food source.

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Eco-active Biosoil is a biological enzyme product for oil and hydrocarbon contaminated soil due to Industrial, Military and Farming activities. Dekker Biotech, South Africa

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Eco-active Biosoil

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