Treating Fruit-Processing Client’s Wastewater

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Eliminate expensive chemical neutralisation - Affordable algae and bacteria replace the necessity for chemicals (such as lime or caustic)


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Enables water recovery which also contribute towards the economical advantages. Treating 3500m3/day of wastewater towards irrigation standard.

Sun-powered Algae Ponding is a simplistic, economical, and reliable wastewater solution for this Top-brand Fruit Producer

The Fruit Factory
The Fruit Factory

Fruit processing wastewater bioremediation project for a fruit canning client. The use of algal ponding by Dekker Biotech, South Africa

The Langeberg & Ashton canned fruit products
The canned fruit products
The Algal Integrated Ponding System is not only economical and effective but also provides attractive and nuisance-free operation with low maintenance and operational costs.

Biggest Challenge

The biggest challenge was to design a system to treat fruit processing wastewater that could neutralise the acidic wastewater without using chemicals (such as lime or caustic) – this was achieved by implementing an HRAP (High Rate Algal Pond) which is a shallow pond allowing natural algae to grow at a high rate; these algae increase the alkalinity of the water, and this alkaline water is then blended with the acidic-fruit-canning-wastewater to effectively neutralise the acidity in the ponding system. This HRAP has a surface area of 2,500 m2 and to date is the largest of its kind in South Africa

This is a passive method of treating fruit processing wastewater and alternative to electrical mechanical aeration

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Photos below:

The integrated ponding system consists of ANAEROBIC, FACULTATIVE AND STABILISATION PONDS

Water Recovery:  The single most important advantage

Treating two separate fruit canning waste streams:  200 m3/day of saline water towards total evaporation and 3500 m3/day of organic wastewater towards irrigation standard.

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