COVID-19 Factory & Wastewater Info

This is a 'Live Document' - it will be updated frequently.  Last Update:  28 May 2020.



Can COVID-19 multiply in food?

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The impact of COVID-19 has been significant and we are all grappling with a multitude of challenges. But how does a post-COVID-19 food factory, abattoir, winery, and industrial wastewater management plant operate differently than before?  Please download the current findings that highlight additional measures to be implemented (last updated on 28 May 2020).

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DOWNLOADS post-COVID-19 factory- & wastewater solutions

1.  Water-, Sanitation- and Wastewater Management

Obtain Information on the attributions of this virus and any measures needed to protect both workers and public health.


1.1  [icon color="#333333" icon="kt-icon-download" size="30px"] Factsheet: COVID-19 Virus (Global Water Research Coalition) - Water, Sanitation and Wastewater Management - 25 May 2020

Ensuring good and consistently applied WASH and waste management practices will help prevent human-to-human transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

1.2  Interim guidance: 23 April 2020 - Water, sanitation, hygiene, and waste management for the COVID-19 virus (World Health Organization & UNICEF)

2.  Food Factories and -Businesses

Keeping all workers in the food production and supply chains healthy and safe is critical to surviving the current pandemic. The purpose of these guidelines is to highlight additional measures so that the integrity of the food chain is maintained, and that adequate and safe food supplies are available for consumers.

Coronaviruses cannot multiply in food; they need an animal or human host to multiply. The food industry must reinforce personal hygiene measures and provide refresher training on food hygiene principles to eliminate or reduce the risk of food surfaces and food packaging materials becoming contaminated with the virus from food workers.


Interim guidance: 7 April 2020 - COVID-19 and food safety: guidance for food businesses (World Health Organization & Food & Agricultural Org of the United Nations)

WE SUPPORT the measures implemented by the SA Gov. to limit the spread & impact of the pandemic.  Visit the official government website for all the official info & updates regarding COVID-19.