Algal Clean Up

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Sustainable process water recovery for fruit processing businesses

"Leverage technology to create the world you wish to see while future-proofing your business with sustainable operations..."

Water recovery coupled with less dependence on mechanical input provides a sustainable modus operandi and adds to a higher "corporate social responsibility"-score both of which is factors that help businesses survive in a challenging "resource-scarce" economic environment.  The extra option to reap financial benefits from waste byproducts can add even higher levels of sustainability to process operations.

The past trend has been towards complex and expensive mechanical treatment plants, many of which work poorly and are difficult to operate reliably in small or large communities and are too costly and complex for developing countries. Based on the experience of Dekker Biotech in efficient algal growth systems utilising the AIPS, when properly designed, are not only economical and effective but also attractive and nuisance free.

More Advantages

The economy of the AIPS results from a number of factors beyond operation and maintenance.

Large Reactor Volumes

By using well-designed ponds, large reactor volumes can be created very economically compared to conventional reinforced concrete reactors.

Eliminate daily sludge handling

Due to the low cost, facultative digesters can be made large or deep enough to permit complete digestion and thus eliminate day by day sludge handling for many years.

Odour control

Recirculation of algal bearing water from the HRAP to the facultative pond provides an oxygen-rich cap on the facultative pond surface. This oxygen quickly oxidises reduced gases emerging from the fermentation pit thus mitigating odours.

Heavy metal control

Algae in the recycled waters tend to elevate the pH of the facultative pond surface water, affecting heavy metal precipitation and sedimentation.

Valuable Biomass

Valuable algal biomass, such as Spirulina and Dunaliella, may be cultivated. These algal species are highly sought after in the specialised feed market.  Learn more...


The food industry, tanning industry, wineries & distilleries, abattoirs, dairies, and municipal sewage.

Some of our clients have implemented AIPS with much success...

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