Biological Products Range

Improve your intervention aim. You make the choice we do the aiming. Biological Products that can be applied to wastewater treatment, soil treatment, composting, and/or biological odour control.

Biological product Eco-Active Biotabs - organic wastewater sludge treatment. Dekker Biotech South Africa

Eco-Active Biotabs

Organic Wastewater Sludge Treatment Waste run-out and sludge can effectively be treated.

Biological product icon - eco-active powder Digest - waste fat digester and drain cleaner. Dekker Biotech, South Africa

Eco-Active Bio-Digest

Drain Cleaning and Fat Digestion.  A new-generation industrial sewer drain cleaner!

Biological product Eco-Active Biosoil - hydrocarbon contanimated soil treatment. Dekker Biotech South Africa

Eco-Active Bio-Soil

Soil Boiremediation.  Ceaselessly releases its ligninolytic enzymes to detoxify the new hostile environment.

Icon for targeted bioremediation with Dekker Biotech biological products.